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Friday, December 15, 2006


from Al Young's Heaven: Collected Poems 1956-1990 * :

By Al Young:
After Visiting Arl at the Hospital

like a bent ray
of light
to these crumbling
portals to find
me still at home
if not at ease
& the message
she brings is joyous to receive

Keep moving, she says
Don't ever give
up your search
for the true home
we're heir to;
palatial omnipresence
that begins & ends
everywhere or no place
according to how
you choose to live or see it

The flower in this
vase before me now
not only smiles
but winks,
leaking out
the same message
except in flower
language message is
sentiment; warm
& sometimes all wet
like a puppy

The very sky laughs
at me, saying, See
you go around
& around feeling
sorry for yourself
when all the while
you're being whisked
thru space & up
above appearances
to learn all over
again that you're nothing
if not spirit
dreaming its otherness
dreaming bent rays
of light returning
like poetry


* Al Young, Heaven (Berkeley: Creative Arts Book Co., 1992)


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